Topics (Sections) of the Conference

Section 1. Innovative technologies in the developmental psychology of a preschool child.

Section 2. Innovative technologies of psycholinguistic development of a preschool child.

Section 3. Innovative technologies in preschool pedagogy (in upbringing and educating of a preschool child).

Section 4. Innovative technologies in methods of preschool education.

Section 5. Innovative technologies of training of preschool profile pedagogical specialists a in a context of changes in an educational paradigm of higher education institutions.

Section 6. Innovative technologies in a field of professional development of teachers of preschool education.

Section 7. Innovative technologies in preschool education of foreign countries.

Section 8. Innovative technologies and their implementation in the European educational environment.

Section 9. Innovative management technologies and technologies of management in educational system of preschool education.

Section 10. Innovative technologies of realization of perspectivity and continuity between preschool and primary education.


Option (please suggest other possible topics).